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October N e w s l e t t e r,  v o l u m e  2,   i s s u e  6 2012

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 3 Steps to Hell

3 STEPS TO HELL, featuring So I'm a Heel, Flint, and The Big Out 

by Arnold Hano
"I shouldn’t have been looking at the dame, I guess—she came jiggling her way across Wood Street, her hips rolling and jouncing and her ankles flashing, but even so it wasn’t my fault. I had the tow truck halfway up the ramp and headed for the open garage door when I took my eyes off the dame—she was one of those dames who don’t wear underclothes, you could see—and I saw this jerk coming down the sidewalk, lost in a dream. I honked and braked, but he took the next step anyway, and I bumped him."  --opening paragraph of So I'm a Heel

Three hard to find novels by writer and editor Arnold Hano, finally back in print and available to a wide market. Hano did most of his fiction writing under pseudonyms like "Matthew Gant" and "Gil Dodge" so the Hano name as a writer of noir fiction may be new to you. All three of these books center on different types of crime and all feature a different side of America, from a small town vet trying to make a mark, to a western noir novel based on the work of Jim Thompson (one of Hano's writers at Lion Books), and one from the heartland, where the pulse of the summer beats through the whole country in the closing weeks of a baseball pennant race.

Hano, now in his 90s, is planning book signings in the LA area so if you're around the area look him up and give him a chance to charm you with stories of baseball and Babe Ruth, starting a paperback house and working with legends like Jim Thompson, David Karp, and David Goodis..

For more on Hano, here's a link to an interview he did where he talks about his life covering sports, his literary career, and some of the larger than life people he's known. Then get your copy of 3 Steps to Hell today....

Featured back list title:

by Benjamin Appel

1-933586-01-x   $19.95

Brain Guy

The story of the rise of a young gangster in Hell’s Kitchen during the Depression and a novel about two hustling GI’s in post-WWII Philippines — new introduction by the author’s daughter, Carla Appel.

[James] Cain hasn't even a running chance as dean of tellers of hardboiled stories. He is completely outpointed, outstocked, outslugged, and outcursed by Benjamin Appel, whose first novel is so tough the Public Library will have to keep it in a special cell."
-Harry Hansen

Classic novels back in print and ready to ship now!

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Hello, Everyone—

Yes, this is the October newsletter delivered in time for November. Nothing like a hard disk crash and a trip out of town to grind things to a halt. Happy Halloween anyway, and to give you something to take your mind off the changing weather, we've posted an excerpt from one of our James Hadley Chase books here. It's a mystery (no pun intended) how such a once massively popular author like Chase can be slipping along relatively unnoticed right now, but we've all seen writers of his caliber fade away for a time and then become "rediscovered," reprinted, and repopularized. I think it would be a great time for a new generation of readers to do that with Chase, now.

And speaking of generations, lost or otherwise....

Ever read a noir book by a writer who actually knew Babe Ruth? How about three of them? And how about a man who started a classic paperback original imprint and became pals with the likes of Jim Thompson? You may not have yet, but not only can you do it now with the release of Arnold Hano's 3 Steps to Hell, if you're out LA way you may even be able to meet the man and get him to sign your copy. After all, he's only 90 and he's doing a book tour.

Before you go, read James Reasoner's review on one of the books, Flint here. If anyone knows westerns, past and present, it's James.

And as we finish one of our busiest years ever, Sid Fleischman's latest collection has been garnering wonderful reviews from sites such as Bookgasm and Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine. The Sun Worshippers is an undiscovered gem, published here for the first time and showcases some of Sid's finest writing ever. And that's saying something.

Sun Worshippers/Yellowleg 

Our first book under our Stark House Specials imprint is due from the printers in just one more week. I talked about it last time so here I'll just include another cover shot of what Playboy called "A bloody cool collection."

Kerouac, Ginsberg, Amis, Mailer, and more, the writings of the Beats and Angry Young Men are sampled here, in all their myriad voices, with differing styles and criticisms, but all with the same theme: freedom from or within society as they see it.

Beat Generation

We'll drop the Crime Club members an e-mail to see if they'd like to receive this book as part of their subscription package. It's outside the crime genre but it's a fine book, a classic of its kind. If you're not a Crime Club member and want to order a copy, give us a shout here.

So thank you once again for your attention. If you have any questions or comments, please be sure to drop us a line. And if you wish to get our latest releases still warm from the printer's presses, you can always sign up for our Crime Book Club and take advantage of discounts and back list titles for new members.

And if you wish to subscribe or even unsubscribe to this newsletter, drop us an e-mail and we’ll make it happen.


Rick Ollerman
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