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November N e w s l e t t e r,  v o l u m e  2,   i s s u e  7 2012

                           Black Friday SALE!

Hello, Everyone—

One day we will provide a slick ordering interface, state of the art web programming to enable you to chat, view
sample chapters online, post original content, and make the Stark House Press site a hub for your finest in crime
fiction. Today, however, is not that day. We're actually pretty busy doing what it is we already do.

But whatever. Today only, Friday, November 23rd, 2012, from now until 11:59:59 that same Friday night, we're
offereing our FIRST EVER Black Friday sale.  You're stuffed with food, now stuff your shelves with titles you might
be missing.  Football only takes you so far.

Here's the deal: it's a straight 3 for 2 or 4 for 3 sale, meaning order any two books at the regular cover price and get
the THIRD book FREE! Or order any three books at the regular price and get  the FOURTH book FREE!  As an
added bonus we'll sweeten the pot and offer FREE SHIPPING FOR YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!  Now that's enough
bold type and exclamation points for any crime fiction reader to take notice of!

No back orders on this deal, though, current in print titles only.  Make your choices, e-mail them in, and get ready
to glue yourself to your favoirite armchair.

Benjamin Appel Brain Guy / Plunder $19.95
Benjamin Appel Sweet Money Girl / Life and Death of a Tough Guy $21.95
Malcolm Braly Shake Him Till He Rattles / It’s Cold Out There $19.95
Gil Brewer Wild to Possess / A Taste for Sin $19.95
Gil Brewer A Devil for O’Shaugnessy / The Three-Way Split $14.95
W. R. Burnett It’s Always Four O’Clock / Iron Man $19.95
Catherine Butzen Thief of Midnight --note: this is a fantasy title, not a crime book $15.95
James Hadley Chase Come Easy--Go Easy / In a Vain Shadow $19.95
Storm Constantine Oracle Lips (limited hb) $45.00
Jada M. Davis One for Hell $19.95
Bruce Elliot/Elliott Chaze
One is a Lonely Number /
Elliott Chaze Black Wings Has My Angel
Don Elliott  Gang Girl / Sex Bum $19.95
ed. Feldman & Gartenberg The Beat Generation & the Angry Young Men $19.95
A. S. Fleischman Look Behind You Lady / The Venetian Blonde $19.95
A. S. Fleischman Danger in Paradise / Malay Woman $19.95
A. S. Fleischman The Sun Worshippers / Yellowleg $19.95
Arnold Hano 3 Steps to Hell $23.95
Orrie Hitt The Cheaters / Dial "M" for Man $19.95
Elisabeth Sanxay Holding Lady Killer / Miasma $19.95
Elisabeth Sanxay Holding The Death Wish / Net of Cobwebs $19.95
Elisabeth Sanxay Holding Strange Crime in Bermuda / Too Many Bottles $19.95
Elisabeth Sanxay Holding The Old Battle Ax / Dark Power $19.95
Russell James   Underground / Collected Stories $14.95
Day Keene Framed in Guilt / My Flesh is Sweet $19.95
Day Keene Dead Dolls Don't Talk / Hunt the Killer / Too Hot to Hold $23.95
Mercedes Lambert Dogtown / Soultown $14.95
Stephen Marlowe Violence is My Business / Turn Left for Murder $19.95
Dan Marlowe/Fletcher Flora/
Charles Runyon
Trio of Gold Medals $15.95
ed. by McCarthy & Gorman Invasion of the Body Snatchers: A Tribute $19.95
Vin Packer The Damnation of Adam Blessing / Alone at Night $19.95
Vin Packer Something in the Shadows / Intimate Victims $19.95
Vin Packer Whisper His Sin / The Evil Friendship $19.95
Richard Powell A Shot in the Dark / Shell Game $14.95
Bill Pronzini Snowbound / Games $14.95
Peter Rabe The Box / Journey Into Terror $21.95
Peter Rabe Murder Me for Nickels / Benny Muscles In $19.95
Peter Rabe Blood on the Desert / A House in Naples $21.95
Peter Rabe My Lovely Executioner / Agreement to Kill $19.95
Peter Rabe Anatomy of a Killer / A Shroud for Jesso $14.95
Peter Rabe The Silent Wall / The Return of Marvin Palaver $19.95
Douglas Sanderson Pure Sweet Hell / Catch a Fallen Starlet $19.95
Douglas Sanderson The Deadly Dames / A Dum-Dum for the President $19.95
Charlie Stella Johnny Porno $15.95
Charlie Stella Rough Riders $15.95
Harry Whittington A Night for Screaming / Any Woman He Wanted $19.95
Harry Whittington To Find Cora / Like Mink Like Murder / Body and Passion $23.95
Harry Whittington Rapture Alley / Winter Girl / Strictly for the Boys $23.95

So Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your time with your family and friends, and get som Black Friday shopping done
on your favorite fiction without having to leave your house.  What could be better?

Just make your choices, tell us you want the Black Friday deal, and e-mail it all to us here.  Enjoy!

As usual, if you wish to subscribe or even unsubscribe to this newsletter, drop us an e-mail and we’ll make it happen.


Rick Ollerman
Associate Editor
Stark House Press

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