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Then Name of the Game is Death/One Endless Hour


by Dan J. Marlowe

    “All right, everybody,” I said, loud and clear. “Everybody stand still and nobody gets hurt.”
    Nobody moved. Nobody breathed. Bunny vaulted the low gate up in front. I jammed the Woodsman back in my pants, and balanced the Smith & Wesson again in my palm. If somebody fast-pitched us, I might need the three heavier caliber bullets I’d saved by directing traffic with the Woodsman.
  --opening crime of The Name of the Game is Death  by Dan J. Marlowe

Marlowe was a tough guy writer who led a fascinating career, from his business careers to his women to his collaboration with a convicted felon. Perhaps most incredible was the near complete amnesia he suffered late in his life, and his struggle to be able to write again.

These books are Marlowe at the peak of his powers, as hardboiled and tough as they come.  At some point after Name of the Game and Endless Hour were published, the decision was made to turn Earl Drake from a random alias hardcore criminal to Earl Drake, reluctant government secret agent and star of Marlowe's "Operation" books.

This transformtion even led to the revision of Name of the Game in a later edition to set up the new Drake. Stark House has published the original hardboiled verseion, as well as its direct sequel, in this single volume. One Endless Hour picks up from the sudden ending of Name and takes us to the completion of the final adventure of Drake and his partner, Bunny.

Also back in print:

The Stark House editions of classic fantasist Algernon Blackwood are back in print at long last. These were some of the first books Stark House ever published and are very big books filled with hundreds of thousands of words of Blackwood's stories. They are a great place to get acquainted with Blackwood's work, and the beautiful covers look great on any shelf.

Jimbo/The Education of Uncle PaulJulius Levallon/The Bright Messenger
The Lost Valley/The Wolves of GodPan's Garden/Incredible Adventures
By Algernon Blackwood:
Jimbo / The Education of Uncle Paul
Julius LeVallon / The Bright Messenger
The Lost Valley / The Wolves of God
Pan’s Garden / Incredible Adventures

Featured back list title:

by Vin Packer

1-933586-05-2    $19.95

Whisper His Sin / The Evil Friendship

Classic novels back in print and ready to ship now!

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Paperback Confidential

Hello, Everyone—

The Lid is Off!  Tells the Facts and the Names....

Taking a cue from the long-defunct Confidential magazine, revealer of all of Hollywood's deepest and darkest secrets (made up or not), star of James Ellroy's L. A. Confidential, we are happy to announce the pending release of Brian Ritt's Paperback Confidential. We've been working on this one for a long time and it's still in production for just a bit longer, but there's a light shining through....

Paperback Confidential  is a fun sort of reference guide to those pulp, noir, hardboiled and pioneering writers of the paperback original era. From Daly to Hammett to Nebel to Chandler, from A (Edward S. Aarons) to Z, or actually W (Richard Wormser), Brian's written entries for each author, encyclopedia style, complete with a listing of all known pseudonyms and a suggested reading list. The entries talk about the authors' lives, their books, films inspired by their works, and otherwise give a sense of their impact on the genre.

Here's a sample from the entry on Lionel White:

Lionel White (also wrote as L. W. Blanco). Born in Buffalo, New York, 1905. Died Asheville, North Carolina, 1985.
    Lionel White, “The King of the Caper Novels,” knew of what he wrote: he was a police reporter both in Ohio (1923-1925) and New York (1925-1933), and he edited true crime magazines such as True Detective, American Detective and Homicide Detective (1933-1951). By the end of his tenure at the true crime mags, White was thoroughly educated in the ways and means of crime and criminals, and in 1953 he published his first book, The Snatchers. It is the story of a criminal gang, each member having their own specialized and specific role to play in the kidnapping and ransoming of a young girl. Because of a combination of supposedly trivial mishaps, escalating tensions among the characters and plain old bad luck, the caper comes apart at the seams.

Further Reading:
TO FIND A KILLER (1954; as BEFORE I DIE, 1964)
LOVE TRAP (1955)

If you like Lionel White, you might like: Milton K. Ozaki, Gil Brewer

Get the idea? There are entries for over 130 of these influential authors and will be a fun and indispensible source of quick information on your favorite authors. The book also contains our unique "PseudoDex," an index of all the authors and their known pseudonyms (no, we haven't uncovered the missing Goodis nom de plumes--but nobody else has, either). You can look up a name and see if it's a pseudonym or a real name, you can see which author name it's associated with, and from there you can turn to their entry and read more about them.

Paperback Confidential should be out in a few months. We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, our next Peter Rabe volume is about to hit the presses. Kill the Boss Good-By / Mission for Vengeance are two of Rabe's best, with Kill often cited as a readers' favorite (including Donald E. Westlake and perhaps even Rabe himself). Mission is a taut, suspense-filled traveling story about a smuggling operation gone wrong, and a madman seeking vengeance against his former partners, one by one, looking for the money he knows is owed him....

Kill the Boss Good-By/Mission For Vengeance


There's a lot more in the pipeline, too, with a new volume by the great team of Robert Wade and Bill Miller, better known as "Wade Miller" (among others). Reprintings of our earlier Wade volume, as well as a new edition of Vin Packer's Whisper His Sin / The Evil Friendship, two tales based on real life scandalous mid-century murders.

I'll stop there. If you have any questions or comments, as always please be sure to drop us a line. And if you wish to get our latest releases still warm from the printer's presses, you can always sign up for our Crime Book Club and take advantage of discounts and deals on back list titles for new members.

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Rick Ollerman
Associate Editor,
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