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Issue 1.2
Issue 1.1
New Ed Gorman now shipping, upcoming book announcement
A couple of new announcements and 2014 Holiday Sale
Signing news, chapbook offer, new books and a NEW SALE
Spouses & Other Crimes by Coburn; Turnaround/Shallow Secrets
Oppenheim shipping, new Silverberg, Ollerman, Coburn and Rabe
Trinian news, NEW SALE, more new announcements
Stark House overstock sale, new books shipping
Midnight Road shipping, New Ed Gorman news, John Trinian
Charles Willam now shipping, Happy New Year!
Stark House Press Holiday Sale!
Dana King release party, new Wade Miller shipping, podcast with King & Stella
Added author appearance at Mystery Ink, official Stark House wearables
Stark House author appearances, featured back list titles, Wade Miller DVD
Paperback Confidential podcast interview, Grind Joint news
Charlie Stella MFA graduation, Stella sale, Crime Club calendar
Summer Reading Sale! New Paperback Confidential, Peter Rabe, Dana King!
Paperback Confidential is coming! Dan J. Marlowe now shipping, Rabe next....
New Elisabeth Sanxay Holding shipping, Oppenheims and more back in print
Black Friday sale at Stark House Press
Sample James Hadley Chase, Arnold Hano shipping, Appel re-release
New Sid Fleischman update, Vin Packer back in print, Beat Generartion, Hano
Rough Riders reviews, new Sid Fleischman and Arnold Hano books
Charlie Stella interview, Book giveaway winner
Free book giveaway, Whittington trio and Elliott/Chaze shipping, Chase and Stella
Harry Whittington trio, Bruce Elliott/Elliott Chaze coming; e-books!, new Chase!
New Harry Whittington trio nearing release, NEW book announcement
Special Orrie Hitt shipping announcement, interview with the three Hitt daughters
David Laurence Wilson's interview with W. R. Burnett, new shipping announcement
Day Keene shipping; Coming Soon announcement; "One for Hell" featured
New Day Keene announcement; Silverberg/Elliott update; Fleischman reprint
Peter Rabe; Robert Silverberg/Don Elliot's Gang Girl/Sex Bum
Introduction, Peter Rabe's The Silent Wall/The Return of Marvin Palaver

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