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Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
Speak of the Devil / The Obstinate Murderer
978-1-933586-71-7  $17.95
Holding has been hailed by such wide-ranging tastes as that of Raymond Chandler, Sarah Weinman and Christopher Morley. Her novels have been filmed, her stories collected into year’s best anthologies. Here we present two more of her superlative suspense classics, the first one a story of murder at a Caribbean resort hotel, the second the story of an aging alcoholic who is called in to solve a murder that hasn’t happened yet. New introduction by Ed Gorman. Available January 2015.
W. R. Burnett
Little Men, Big World / Vanity Row
978-1-933586-67-0  $20.95
Two novels that probe the political corruption of a big Midwestern city, where the important deals are always made behind closed doors, and the real power is wielded behind the throne. Burnett, one of the most important crime writers of the 20th century, is the author of High Sierra, Little Caesar and The Asphalt Jungle. Includes a new introduction by Rick Ollerman. Due March 2015.
Frank Kane
Liz / Syndicate Girl
978-1-933586-59-5  $20.95
Frank Kane is most famous as the creator of detective Johnny Liddell, whose hardboiled escapades thrilled paperback readers throughout the 1950s and 60s. These two novels offer a different side of Mr. Kane, the first novel being the story of a woman whose road to success is paved with murder, the second a hard-hitting thriller about a corrupt city and the man who stakes his life to clean it up. Includes a new introduction by Robert J. Randisi. Due April 2015.
Douglas Sanderson
Night of the Horns / Cry Wolfram
978-1-933586-72-4  $20.95
Sanderson isn’t well known but he should be. He wrote a series of white hot thrillers in the 1950s which were published under his two pseudonyms, Martin Brett and Malcolm Douglas. But he also published a good many novels under his own name, and Stark House is proud to reprint two of them, the first a seedy tale of a Southern California lawyer whose life is ripped apart when he agrees to do a job for a racketeer, the second the story of cross-and-double-cross affair that takes place on the coast of Spain. Publisher Greg Shepard provides the introduction. Due April 2015.
Barry N. Malzberg
978-1-93358685-4  $17.95
Barry N. Malzberg’s comic masterpiece back in print at last! Harry the Flat is dead and buried in the backstretch of Aqueduct Raceway. Our hero, for reasons many and varied, must dig him up, or suffer undue stress at the hands of the Mob. Includes a new afterword by the author. Due May 2015.
Harry Whittington
A Haven for the Damned
978-1-933586-75-5  $9.99
A group of eight people all converge on a small ghost town on the outskirts of the Mexican border, each with their own demons and dilemmas. They all want something they’ve lost: freedom, a lost wife, their youth. Not all of them will leave alive. Due May 2015 in a new Black Gat mass market edition--#1.
Charlie Stella
Eddie’s World
978-1-933586-76-2  $9.99
Charlie Stella’s first great crime novel, back in print and available in paperback for the first time! Eddie Senta is suffering a mid-life crisis and decides to get involved in a heist. Everything that can go wrong, does. Due May 2015 in a new Black Gat mass market edition--#2.
Leigh Brackett
Stranger at Home
978-1-933586-78-6  $9.99
Originally published as by the actor George Sanders, this domestic mystery by sf author Leigh Brackett is the story of a rich heel who comes back to get even with those who thought they had left him for dead. Due May 2015 in a new Black Gat mass market edition--#3.
Darren Leo
The Trees Beneath Us
978-1-933586-73-1  $15.95
A startling new author with an eco-noir of one man’s journey of self-discovery on the hike to Hell. “His debut novel is simply brilliant. It is humorous and poignant and above all else, it is an important novel everyone should read." –Charlie Stella, author of Johnny Porno. Introduction by Craig Childs. Due June 2015.
Peter Rabe
Daniel Port Omnibus 2: Cut of the Whip / Bring Me Another Corpse / Time Enough to Die
978-1-933586-66-3  $23.95
The final three novels in the Dan Port series, Rabe’s fictional study of the use and abuse of power. Port used to be second-in-command to an East Coast gangster—now he’s a free agent, alone and available to the highest bidder. Rick Ollerman provides a new introduction. Due July 2015.
Bruno Fischer
The Bleeding Scissors / The Evil Days
978-1-933586-80-x  $20.95
A search for a missing wife and her sister turns up a much bigger mystery that leads back to the New York burlesque; and a found cache of jewels sparkles with murder when the owners come looking for them. Two of Fischer’s best with a new introduction by author/publisher Gary Lovisi. Due August 2015.
Black Gat #4: (Aug 2015)
Rick Ollerman
Truth Always Kills
978-1-933586-82-3  $17.95
A cop in departmental trouble knows his wife is being stalked, but feels helpless to do anything about it. Does he report it and bring undue attention to himself, or should he take matters into his own hands, and damn the consequences? A new thriller from the author ofTurnabout and Shallow Secrets. Due September 2015.
Gil Brewer
The Erotics / Gun the Dame Down / Angry Arnold
978-1-933586-88-5  $23.95
Three previously unpublished novels from the master of sexy, frantic action thrillers.  A disgraced artist is framed for murder, a private detective is hired as the perfect patsy and a serial killer stalks the Florida streets in these rare treasures from the feverish mind of Gil Brewer. New introduction to be announced. Due October 2015. 

Lionel White
Marilyn K. / The House Next Door
978-1-933586-87-8   $20.95
A lone driver picks up a beautiful woman and gets more than he bargained for, and the perfect heist is made complicated when a drunken neighbor climbs in the wrong window. From the author of Clean Break, filmed in 1956 by Stanley Kubrick as The Killing. Due November 2015.

Catherine Butzen
Fell the Angel
978-1-933586-89-2  $17.95
In this sequel to Thief of Midnight, Abby Marquise and the Society for the Security of Reality are up against a group of rogue selkies. Reviews for the first book include this from Publishers Weekly: “Butzen's strong debut livens up some common urban fantasy tropes with witty dialogue and fun monsters.” Her new fantasy mystery is darker—and even stronger. Due December 2015.

______________________________SPECIAL EVENT RELEASES

Algernon Blackwood
The Face of the Earth
978-1-93358670-0  $19.95
Blackwood biographer Mike Ashley has created a new collection of stories and essays by the master supernaturalist, most of which have never been in book format before. Also included is a definitive bibliography of Blackwood’s writings as well as a new introduction by Ashley. A publishing event for classic horror fans! Due April 2015.
Ed Gorman
Graves’ Retreat / Night of Shadows
978-1-933586-86-1  $20.95
Two classic western mysteries originally published in 1989 and 1990. As the critic for the Rocky Mountain Times said, Ed Gorman is “simply one of the best western writers of our time.” And a damn fine mystery writer as well. Includes a new introduction by the author. June 2015.
Robert W. Chambers
The King in Yellow / The Mystery of Choice
978-1-933586-77-9  $19.95
Chambers’ classic work of decadent horror fiction combined with another late 19th century collection of loosely-related supernatural stories. This will form the first book in our 4-volume series, “The Collected Weird Fiction of Robert W. Chambers.” Due August 2015.
Sax Rohmer
The Yellow Claw / The Golden Scorpion
978-1-933586-81-6  $19.95
Rohmer created Fu Manchu and other superb villains. In these two mysteries, we are introduced to Gaston Max, a Parisian detective and a master of disguise, hot in the pursuit of two criminal masterminds who seek to undermine the very fabric of British society. Introduction to be announced. Due October 2015.

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